Friday, February 04, 2011

Life Lessons from Sammy The Dog

1. Be consistent.

Poop in the same place.

2. Consider savings and investments.

Save for a rainy day and invest in quality things- Hide your bones in the dirt somewhere. (When you dig up the half decomposed yummy treat, they may be so 'pleased' with you that they keep the black and mouldy thing for themselves and give you a brand new one.)

If they anticipate that you'll bury the nice new bone and don't let you out, hide it in the couch when they are not looking. They'll never know.

(this cracked me up so much!)

3. Eat healthy.

Eat only what you need at breakfast and dinner. There's always gonna be more kibble, but work for the treats in between meals, that's the real deal.

4. Sleep well.

 Sleep as much as you can in the day, so you can wake up before them and start warming up for the morning walk a couple hours before the man is ready. Tip: Lie right at their bedroom door just in case they miss you when they open it.

5. Communicate clearly.

Lick, wet-nose nudge, lean all your body weight, roll over, put head in lap, etc... These are obvious techniques for getting them to know you would like a rub. Tip: Stare deeply into their eyeballs. That often works.

6. Be yourself.

They might be surprised by who you are at first but they will come round eventually. The lady needs to learn that she can teach me new things and I do adapt to my new home, but really I will come as I am. This is good training for her for the future of motherhood and adoption maybe.


Amel said...

HE HE this post! :-D

Just Ruthie said...

omg! how cute is it that he hides his treats! hahaha

Grace said...

this is why i love dogs...they teach us so many important things ;)
p.s. that black moldy rawhide is gross! but hilarious that sammy hides his bones!