Friday, February 18, 2011

In the News This Week

Been aching to write more but it has been a tiring couple weeks. Life can be sticky sometimes huh. There's gunk at the bottom of the sink, there are dentist visits that cost a couple hundred dollars, and there are issues inside of me that God is trying to sort out that make me cry into my bowl of lunch at home when a meaningful song comes on! haha... sigh... ANYWAY. Here are some other headlines.

Limping Dog Has Knee Problem

Poor Sammy was found to have some knee damage from one of his many mad leaps from the yard to the deck, but thankfully he didn't need surgery. Finding all that out cost us over $400. And if he'd needed a procedure it would've been $1500. Pretty much like if a normal person had private knee surgery. That would've been very sucky. In the meantime, how do you tell a dog that thinks he's TIGGER, not to run?

Woman Finally has Haircut

The other day I looked like this... (we went out to Takapuna for a coffee and had dessert too. Yay!)

Now I look like this... (Tried to have the dog in the photo so that it wasn't so weird just taking a photo of myself haha... but he keeps looking away.)

I found a new place to cut my hair. The lady was lovely and I'm totally going back to her, but I have to say I had one of those 'IF conversations'. It wasn't too bad at all, but I can see how scenarios like this can turn us into some crazy-IF-er if encountered on the wrong day... This is how it went after we conversed for a while:

Stylist: Do you have kids?
Me: No, but I'm actually pregnant. (Decided to just say it. Pretty obvious these days anyway...)
Stylist: Oh I thought so but didn't want to assume. (Which was very sweet of her.) How long have you been married?
Me: Six years.
Stylist: Oh you took a while to start then!
Me: Um... we wanted to start having children about three years ago but it just 'took us a while'... (Decided to keep it vague.)
Stylist: Well, sometimes I think your body just gets used to not conceiving and just doesn't know what to do for a while...
Me: MmmHmmmm... (I know she was trying to be kind and part of her theory may be based on her own experience as she has a large age-gap between her kids- who knows! But anyway, I decided not to pursue it and left it at that!)

Also this week, I had an actually-terrible conversation about baby loss with someone... but we won't keep going on this today. I think I'll leave it for now!

Dishwasher is A-GO-GO!

At Christmas, we got given money from both my parents and my in-laws to go towards some home improvement things, one of which was a dishwasher! I've been desiring one for a while. Very thankful!

Took us a few weeks but the husband and his clever self managed to figure out how best to fit it into our kitchen... He did a bunch of work re-sizing the one cabinet and getting a new countertop ($15 from trademe!). 

And along with the electrician and plumber, we got there!

Blog Wins Second Award

There are some fun awards going around and this week I won an award from Jen. Thanks! Honoured! I have also won an award from Grace before but I never passed it on. Ugh... Terrible! So I will pass them on this time. Hopefully in my next post.


GMom said...

LOVE your hair....that must have been a tremendous decision, as it was very long!!! Hard to keep IF conversations positive...hmm... Poor Sammy...hopefully he recovers quickly and can pretend to be Trigger again!!! So very glad your dishwasher is installed and it didn't cost a "king's ransom" for the installation...looks great...hopefully it works even greater...xoxo God bless

Stephanie said...

Wow! New hair cut looks fab!!!! also well done to J for the kitchen project, yay a dishwasher!

Grace said...

that is a beautiful dishwasher! and your haircut is beautiful, too :) glad sammy is okay...poor guy!
and, i'm impressed at how well you handled yourself at the salon...i might have gotten a bit feisty ;) or cried. probably cried.

Barbara said...

Your hair looks beautiful! Dishwashers are awesome...enough said. Gotta "love" those leading questions from your hairstylist. Sometimes when I get such questions, I bite, but other times, one-word answers suffice. It always depends on my mood. One thing that I can say is that I despise people's theories about how I got though they are experts (???) Like, really? Seriously. If I had only known before, then I would have been pregnant ages ago!