About Us

The husband and I met in 2002 on a university campus. He was actually working as an intern for a Christian organisation on campus and I was only a second year student. We had a fun couple years of getting to know each other and going out. We got married in November 2004. We were 22 and 29 then! Now we are 28 (me) and 35 (him).

(Photo from our wedding!)

I'm a New Zealander by birth but I grew up in Singapore, so I have a lot of mixed-ness in me haha. The husband is originally from Canada and has been living here for almost ten years now- we actually arrived at the same time but we didn't know each other then, nor did we think we would be living here long-term. 

We are both followers of Christ and that plays a central part in our lives and marriage. We pretty much also have the same issues as everyone else- communication, watch too much TV, not going for enough walks together, always feel like we're not getting enough sleep, etc.

The husband and I are opposites. He is direct and efficient. I'm more reserved and 'slower' because I'm cautious and deliberate about the way I do things. As with many other couples, the things we love about each other are often also the things that drive us insane about each other in times of stress. If you meet us, we are also opposites in person, he's tall and I'm short, he's a white-boy and I'm not. Haha.

If you ever come over for dinner, I'll be the one cooking, but the husband would've done the mad-dash cleaning because I would've not left enough time to do it. The husband will be the one who would've dipped into the potato chips before you arrive and the one to turn on the background music because he has our music on some computer entertainment system thingy in the living room. He will be the one doing more of the talking while I figure out how to look composed when I'm worried about the timing of the dinner being done or whether you will like dessert.

We enjoy being at home, but outside of that his preference would be the garage and me, the mall. Hmmm... if I were to describe us in music artist terms, the husband would be a mix of Weezer, Jack Johnson and Metallica, and I'd be a mix of Coldplay, Diana Krall and Bic Runga.

We have grown to love New Zealand because we have formed many close relationships here which has become a wonderful support network for us, especially in light of the last few years. We also feel that God has us here for a reason in terms of work- we feel like we are doing something meaningful as a job and that is important to us.

We also like that there are beaches close to us, that life is busy but not too highly pressured and that it is a multi-cultural place- there are many others who have moved here from all over the world.

Struggling to have kids has played a major role in our lives these past three years. It will be our sixth anniversary in November which means that we would've dealt with infertility issues for more than half of our married lives! Who knew that we would be on such a journey to starting a family? We definitely had no idea just how much of an 'adventure' it would be.

Looking at how each of us has dealt with our grief so differently, and just how we have gone through these processes, I can see how couples struggle to stay connected with each other, and how extreme grief (from infertility or other situations) can change marriage for the worse. I am very thankful that God has somehow sustained our relationship and we have remained sort of in agreement on most things. I don't take it for granted.

Anyway, the husband is my best friend and my hero. These experiences have been about the husband as much as it has been about me. I don't think I acknowledge him enough. He deserves a paragraph devoted to him. He has survived waiting next to me in hospitals, coming with me to tests and appointments, and jabbing me with a needle, (so probably been through just as much trauma himself) yet been my source of rational thought through it all, even on days I'm sure he's been in doubt himself. On top of this infertility stuff, he's recently found himself on another road that hasn't been very fun... he is having to wait in another area of life and I admire his determination to keep his eyes on God.

What next? We'll see... one step at a time huh.


Grace said...

love reading more about you and getting to know you more through this :)
praying for you, sister!

KiwiChristy said...

Awww....love you two!!!!!! Glad that you stayed in NZ so that I can have you in my life.

GMom said...

sure do love you two!!!!!!!

Lauree said...

Wow. Sarah you write beautifully. I have tears in my eyes. I love the way you describe you and Jase's relationship...so fun, but real. It's funny to know people, but then to read 'their story' in their own words... :)

Amel said...

Interesting introduction. Hubby is more or less 7 years older than me, too. :-D

He's tall and you're short? Same here. Hubby's 177 cm, whereas I'm only 145 cm he he...:-D

THANKS for visiting my blog and commenting on my posts, btw. :-D Although I wouldn't have liked us to meet this way (through IF), but I'm GLAD we did meet through cyber space. :-D