I'm not sure what you need. There are lots of things out there (you can Google millions of things on infertility and adoption) and so many thing I'd love to cover to help resource you.

Aside from this page, you can also scroll down and click 'resources' on the tag/label cloud in the margin on the right-hand-side of the blog. I've tried to categorise some posts into that if it had some useful info.

For me, books have been my main source of information and help.

Here are some random resources that might be useful to you:

How to survive in general

  • Counselling- I've found it helpful, but different people find different kinds of counsellors helpful... it might take a bit of time to figure it out.

  • Keeping your marriage intact- Family Life NZ

  • Hannah's Prayer Ministries - Linked to the book 'Hannah's Hope' which I highly recommend. There are forums here where you can connect with other women (mostly from other countries) about infertility and loss.

  • Tears and Hope Project- A video you can use to communicate about infertility to others if you want.

  • 'Wait' by Russell Kelfer- A poem about waiting

  • Sarah's Laughter- This Christian infertility and child-loss website provides different things like bible studies, and this one thing called Daily Dose which I've just started subscribing too- and have found it helpful. Check it out.
Fertility (Medical side of things)
-Adoption is a whole different world of issues to fertility. I do not see adoption as just another option next to IUIs and IVFs, but a whole separate route to trying to have kids.
If you are considering adoption, you might want to start the process now. Seriously. Even if you and your husband are not 100% sure yet, just start the ball rolling- like going to the first information session and getting the first set of forms. (That's what we did.) You can only progress to a certain point if you are still doing fertility treatments anyway. And you can put applications on hold if you do end up doing a cycle.

I wish there was more NZ information out there, but here's the few I know of:
For a general idea of adoption issues, this is a good blog, Exploring Adoption.