Sunday, August 14, 2011


How are you doing out there?

We've made it to 6 weeks. They say you feel like you're stuck in a cloud for about 6 to 8 weeks after having a baby. SO RIGHT.

My main thoughts through the day are:
1. Get out of PJS/When will I have a shower?
2. Which side (boob) did I feed on last?
3. What laundry do we need done next?
4. What time is it?
5. What day is it?
6. Lord, is am I doing this right?
7. Sleep baby, please sleep.

We're doing good overall. I have my days. I've been a bit nervous about 'the blues' and post-natal depression but as far as I know, I'm in the normal realm of mom-hood and I'm thankful for that. (Hopefully will have time to say more another day.)

The little man has already grown to 5.2kgs! He was 3.6kg when he came out. So fast. He's already popping out of newborn stuff, like nappies (diapers) and we're on to the next!

He's also smiling and making some coo-ing sounds, which is very sweet.
(my fave pic at the mo!)

(us, out and about!)

I think about this blog a lot and have so many little things saved up to say. But this will have to be me for now!