To My Friends and Family

If you are reading this and you know me know me, this is a note for you.

Hi there,

Thank you for reading this and dropping by.

I just want you to know that this is a blog by me, aimed at sharing my infertility and miscarriage loss experience, so that I can maybe be a friend and support to someone out there. Please do not take my openness as a comment on how you are doing as a friend or as family. I feel very fortunate to have encouraging people around me and praying for us. However, it doesn't take the pain or difficulty out of some of the issues I am wrestling with. We know that God has us on this road for a reason, but I just don't always like it.

Do trust me to let you know if I have ever been hurt or offended by something you've said or done (instead of trying to guess) and please don't feel like you have to avoid the topics if they come up- I am pretty open to talk about it. At the same time if you don't know what to say, know that you don't have to say anything- sometimes that can be helpful too.

Feel free to comment on the posts, ask me stuff or drop me a line.
Know that I am very thankful for you- your love and care. (We need you!)

much love, s