Saturday, February 05, 2011

Ten Things at 10am

1. Happy New Year to those who are of Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese or Japanese background (sorry if I missed a few others, don't know the whole list)! Hope you are having a lovely time celebrating and eating a lot with family.

2. We don't do that much for Chinese New Year here in NZ, as most of our relatives are in Singapore, but we do try. My mom has a big dinner on the 'eve' and we get together with friends who are also here with few relatives.

3. Last year, the husband and I sorta 'skipped' Chinese New Year because something came up (hospital! ugh. was not fun but we are ok.) so this year I've tried to decorate a little and put a bit more effort into it. Wanna see?

**preggie talk ahead**

4. We've made it to 18 weeks people! AAHH! (That's like 4.5 months which is like halfway! Though they count to 40 weeks for the due date...)

5. Next week we will have our anatomy ultrasound. We get to see the baby! It is like Christmas. I think I have been looking forward to it for like two months. This will be one weekend where I don't mind if it goes too fast. Honest.

6. It is more obvious now that I'm pregnant, which is pretty freaky. It looks huge to me! Definitely still seems unreal sometimes when I look in the mirror.

7. I have felt some movements in there. It is very exciting! Another thing I never dared to dream about. Thankful!

8. The husband definitely thinks I have 'baby brain' which I've always been stubborn to believe is real but I think for me, this seems to be true. The other day I said something like," 14 + 2 = 18". And I'm supposed to be good at math. SAD.

**preggie talk over**

9. I loved this post the other day from (in)courage... I was actually drawn to its title, "Waiting in my Wings" because I thought of the verse from Psalm 91:4,

He will cover you with his feathers,
and under his wings you will find refuge;

And then when I read it I found out that it was about waiting specifically to be a mother!

10. Weather- it is super muggy over here- 92% humidity right now- and we are all sweating the days away.

Over in Aussie they have just been hit with a MAJOR cyclone, with damage all over. Can't even begin to imagine! And I my bro in the States says, where he is, it has gone pretty nuts with the snow, power cuts, etc. Hope you all are keeping safe and sound wherever you are!


Grace said...

eeeeee! so excited that everything is going so well with your pregnancy! can't wait to find out if you'll be having a little man or a little lady!
and yes, if you ever come visit your brother, PLEASE let me know!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you too! We had to miss our lunar new year party today due to a sick boy. Too bad. What are those little things in bowl in the bottom picture...they look like little containers of juice/jam? Just curious :) I'm so jealous of your humid weather while we're snowed in here in Canada! Glad to hear your pregnancy is going well. What a blessing! It's so nice when you finally start to look pregnant and not just fat! It was so nice when my belly balanced out my butt (which was the first thing to grow large)!

Sas said...

sorry he has been sick! those little cups are jellies. it is quite 'asian' to have it as a treat/snack. they are kinda like jello but firmer and soemtimes sorta chewier (??)and often come in fruity flavours. you may find them at a chinese/korean grocery or similar... you peel off the tops and 'suck' them out. i grew up with them and can't get enough of them still...

thanks for your excitement guys! i can't wait too.

Teri said...

Love the lanterns! So pretty! And so excited for you guys. Ray was asking me about how far a long you were and I was trying to do the math. I was pretty close! :) I can't wait to hear about your scan! I say it's a girl...I can't wait to see if I'm right! :) Love to you guys! Continuing to pray for you both!

Amel said...

LOVE the decoration. YAAAAYYYY for the baby movements and knowing that everything's OK. :-D