Saturday, January 29, 2011

He Would Make a Good Dad

Did you cry too when you watched the scene in Up when they did a montage of their marriage and they found out the couldn't have kids?

I even blinked back a few tears the other day in Tangled when the queen looks at the king and he is weeping because his daughter is missing. It felt so familiar.

How do you describe the impact of infertility or loss on a marriage? How do you express what you feel when you know your beloved is longing for the same thing you are and you are both helpless?

I may be pregnant and embracing it. (I mean, I even braved up today and entered my due date in the (usually evil) Babycenter website so they could send me stuff I should be thinking about, etc)... But the experiences don't leave you... at least not for a while.

These two powerful posts from Life As Two are SO worth reading.
You can read Funny Face first, as it is what the second post, A Father's Love, is then based on.

I know our journey has not been like theirs, but the feelings are so similar. She couldn't have put it in a better way.


Grace said...

oh goodness, i was a MESS watching that scene in up! but it also made me realize that enjoying my husband in our marriage was just as important (if not more) than having a child. and now that we have one, i'm so thankful for him and for the extra time we had together to grow our marriage.

Sas said...

so true. totally agree with you girl.

Heather said...

Thelma does have a way with words. And yes, bawled during UP.

Jess said...

Hey- I just found your blog. I have never seen that movie but want to so bad! Look forward to following your journey. :)


Anonymous said...

I've never seen UP, but I imagine Daniel would enjoy it, so we'll have to get it!

Amel said...

I cried so much when watching Up. THANKS for sending me up to "Life as Two". Really lovely blog. :-D

Sometimes I can cry my eyes out just when I see a short scene when a Dad is playing and having fun with the kids 'coz I wonder if I'll ever have the chance to watch my hubby do that with our kids.