Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Going Public

Okay so not everyone will approve of this maybe but yesterday I posted our news on Facebook. I thought about it for a long (LONG) time and I decided to do it.

I know I know. Previously, I've moaned about how pregnancy announcements (like ones on Facebook) can be so hard- and they are... whatever the means of communication is. (Interestingly, since being pregnant, I have still found them difficult! Hard one to decipher.) So I tried to make sure I worded it sensibly and I emailed/messaged close friends a while beforehand so hopefully it lessens those who may find it hard or too surprising, as the surprise factor is always an element of it too.

You can't please everyone huh. And I know I'd like to so this is a learning process for me too.

For me writing that 'status' thing was a way for us to 'go public' and also to celebrate this baby. I also wanted to acknowledge that there are many friends and family who are with us on this ride, especially those who have been praying for us... this is answer to their prayers too... so I hope that was obvious.

Oh this is what I said if you are curious (yeah I maximised the 420-ish spaces you are allowed haha):

We have a bun in the oven. Not kidding. As u can imagine, we are thankful beyond words, n God has definitely surprised us with this ridiculously awesome gift. Thankful for many of u who have been praying for n journeying with us. We've also made it to 14 weeks, which is a massive miracle n further (n less complicated) than our previous pregnancies. Celebrate n pray with us that we will be able to carry baby to term!

Overall... I am grateful for the fact that I even get to say, 'We're pregnant.' That has been a phrase that I have become so allergic to these past years. I know some of you guys know what I mean.

Hmmm... I guess the conflicting beast that infertility is continues for a while!

ANYWAY. I'm on break, can you tell? That's why I have time to post haha. Talk more soon.


Anonymous said...

I struggled with the exact same thing, because I had also hated those facebook announcements...oh, and posting ultrasound pictures and baby bump photos just made my stomach turn. Nevertheless, when I got pregnant after dealing with infertility and finally adopting my amazing little man, I did post it to facebook, but not for a bit. And I did end up posting my 20-wk u/s pics and a few baby bump photos, because people kept bugging me to do it. My husband was really hesitant about me doing that, but in the end, a baby is something to celebrate, and we tried to do it with grace. Oh - and even now that I have my two boys (adoptive and birth), I still get a little tiny punch in the gut when I read other people's pregnancy announcements. I don't know why, but I guess I just feel like most people don't understand just how miraculous it really is to get pregnant and stay pregnant. Perhaps there will always be that little scar of IF. Oh - and if you find yourself complaining about feeling rotten, and then feeling rotten for complaining, don't. Pregnancy is a lot tougher than I romanticized it to be! Hope you're feeling better these days!

Kathy said...

i understand your aversion to fb announcements about pregnancy. they bother me too and my struggle in getting pregnant was minimal, compared to many others. i guess, for me, there are things that are meant to be shared in more personal and meaningful ways to share than fb. but hey, it's a beautiful, wonderful, miraculous thing that God has granted, so why not share however way you want?? anyways, love you guys, and am continuing to pray for you!!