Friday, October 08, 2010

In Real Life

I just realised that this blog is about eight months old! I do enjoy blogging. I do get nervous about some of the things I put out there about my life, but overall I do like keeping this going and all. Here's a shout-out:

Thanks for reading my posts and commenting on them, etc. I appreciate all you folks who are dropping in and checking this out. It means a lot.

Some of you have mentioned that my blog is 'pretty'. Why thanks! I do like it too. It is actually just a blogger-template, which means I didn't do anything, I just picked it and it appeared haha...

Some of you who read this know me but some of you don't, and as it is hard to know what I'm like just from my blog, I thought I'd do a small IN REAL LIFE list:

In real life,

1. I am not so great at verbalizing my thoughts and feelings. Okay. 'Not so great' is an UNDERSTATEMENT. I'm terrible. (I'm sure even the husband uses this blog as a reference to how I may be doing this past week. Things to work on, yes.)

2. I like neat and tidy but I'm not neat and tidy. I'm clean but messy. Unless you say you are coming over, then I make sure it is neat and tidy, where possible.

3. As much as we try, there is always soapscum to be scrubbed, dishes to be done and more laundry to be loaded. I really admire friends whose houses are always looking fab, but I also know I need to just get over it.

4. I read too many books at the same time.

I love 'knowing bit more' and tend to over-research initially, and then have to go back re-read everything cos' I read it too fast the first time. (But I'm getting smart enough to underline or dog-ear parts that I like so I can go back and just focus on those.)

5. I'm insecure. Can you tell? I think that's why I explain things too much too. Just so you don't misunderstand me. Heaven forbid you misunderstand cos' then it may lead to you not liking me. How can you not like me? I wouldn't be able to handle that. Sigh. Seriously. Full of issues. Reading a book about it of course.

6. If I have some time to chill, I like to sit around and drink tea- and just do not much.

Ok. That's me for now.


GMom said...

love every part of you...i'm so very glad you're part of my family...xooxxo

KiwiChristy said...

Thanks, Sas!!! Glad I KNOW you in person and you can KNOW without a doubt that I not only LIKE you, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!