Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Links and Things- Article and Clip

Here are a couple links that have popped up on other blogs. Thought you may be interested.

This is an article from the women's magazine SELF (U.S.), 'This Woman Has a Secret', which I got from Untangle Me. It is about the silence surrounding infertility, both personally and socially/politically...

This is not specifically about infertility but still interesting- a short video of an interview with the first baby (now an adult) born through IVF. It is about how her life has been a source of fascination to many... from Beckie's Infertile.

On Monday, I watched the short doco on Jay-Jay and Dom's IVF attempt again but this time with the husband- from a previous post. We are still working through our thoughts about IVF and it was cool to watch it together. Overall I think it was really because we totally know how they feel! Hope and frustration tangled in one big web of intensity. Lots of tears again.

It was actually also good preparation because I was going to the clinic for a procedure and it was helpful to see someone else's experience- not the same but similar. I could visualize what was going to happen.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I know my last post was quite full of grrrrrrrrr-ness.

If you wanna know... Basically, I'd produced too many follicles/eggs for just the 'usual' ovulation induction plan to continue... so we had to go to the back up plan, which was to aspirate/remove extra eggs and because that makes you sore, it was then best to proceed with IUI.

So I've done my first IUI. Yes, I'm slowly working my way through every possible fertility treatment available possible. I think I'm ruining my good doctor's wonderful track record... haha.

Thankful for drugs that make you groggy (love it cos' then you don't realise the position you are in) and the husband who was by my side. I'm doing well now- some crampy pain but nothing bad.

Now we wait.


KiwiChristy said...

Thanks for sharing your life with us, Sas!!! Appreciate it and you!!!!

KiwiChristy said...

Read the article and comments. Thanks for sharing....again, another brick in the wall of understanding more about infertility and its impact on the lives affected. You and the husband are heroes.....!!!!!

GMom said...

thanks so very much for sharing this "bump along the road" so very proud of you and the husband for your braveness and continuing perseverance in your you guys so very, very much and pray for your continuously...God bless