Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blog Friends

Hello there!
Just like having a new friendly neighbour, it has been fun to make some friends via blogging.

I thought to share something from someone else's blog. (There are so many great blogs out there!)

Grace at Chois-R-Us is in the midst of adoption, waiting for the child they have been placed with to come home to her. Awesome news but I can't imagine how agonizing the wait must be!

She also blogs about other stuff while she's in this time of waiting. Here's one of her posts that made me laugh! So HILARE. Love it. (Probably cos' I get emotionally attached to shopping/stores too... sigh... and I also like writing letters hehe...)


Grace said...

awww, thanks for the shout out! :) do you have targets in nz?

Sas said...

hay girl. no we don't have target! but i have a little hole in my heart that is ikea-shaped. haha. and the husband is from your side of the world so target means something to him too hehe. thanks for praying. appreciate it so so much!

Anna said...

I miss Target . . . Hey - thanks for the link to myikea.com - I've only just heard about that! Maybe it's better I hadn't . . . :)