Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nicole Kidman

(Wo isn't she so beautiful?!)

The other night, Nicole Kidman was on 60 Minutes (here in NZ on TV3). I think you can watch it here on the Australian site where it was orginally from.

I just happened to be flicking channels... when they started talking about family. I didn't realise she'd had a second biological daughter via surrogacy/a gestational carrier (learnt something new from the interview haha).

Anyway, not everyone may be keen on that part of it but it was just comforting to have someone famous and fancy say that fertility has been hard for them and has been a big part of her life too (two adopted kids and two bio kids)... you know what I mean right?

I've never been a massive fan though I've always thought she seemed quite lovely, and being gorgeous always doesn't make it hard does it... but now... I can't help but like her more!


Barbara said...

I've always thought of her as a classy lady and so it's interesting to know more about her struggles too. Keith Urban is pretty sweet too. Such a cute couple.

Grace said...

i love nicole kidman! she is just such loveliness and grace. and it does really drive home the fact that IF can hit anyone.