Friday, March 11, 2011

Dream a Little Dream With Me

Since I ended that last post (though it was a week or something ago) on a 'shopping' thought... why not keep going with it? Plus my mad pregnancy dreams are still going strong, so let's combine them for something a bit more fun.

Some of you are mothers, while some of you are hoping to be... are there any items for a baby or a young child that you love that you had or you wish that you got/would like to get one day?

Just curious. Even things that are super-unnecessary but may be just look cool or very expensive but would-be-nice?

I realise I may or may not have that many opportunities to prepare for a baby... Why not dream a little while we're at it?

SO. I totally don't need one (yet) but I'm kinda obsessed about BUMBO chairs at the moment. Hahaha.

I think cos' they come in cute colours and are made of that weird squishy-foam/rubbery texture. Plus both my nephews had one so I think I just am associating it with cute memories of them!


Short one for now. Talk more soon.


Jess said...

CUTE! I have IF and no kids yet, but these are seriously great. Praying you get some rest and can't wait to see pics of baby soon!


Grace said...

i really don't know anything about infants, but my friends swear by the miracle blanket.
cb LOVES this crib sheet:
and i swear, he falls asleep faster on it!

Sas said...

thanks grace. the sheets look so gooood. will look into it! hope you are feeling better...

Phil & Elena said...

Both my kids LOVE they Jolly jumper. Bumbos are cool and fun but i find kids do use them very long for the cost but is someone lends one to you awesome! My kid is using a borrowed one.