Thursday, September 09, 2010

Sammy the Dog

Here are some pics!
Sammy is our (almost) three-year-old dog. He is a cross of some sort (they say staffie and lab). We just brought him home last night (exciting!!!), so he is still adjusting. He is a sweet dog and very cute, but he is nervous and not quite sure of his new home yet- fair enough, he's only ever had one owner and they had another dog too, so this new home may seem quieter and a little lonely. The accidents have aleady started haha! Let's hope they don't stay too long. Any tips?


GMom said...

he looks so cute!!! don't scold him when he has an accident - just take him outside to the place where he should go and let him check that out. "dog whisperer" says - "no scolding!" so that's what we're following with our puppy - so far not too bad! Good luck and God bless!!xoxo

Grace said...

welcome home, sammy!!! you are so cute!
as far as house-training goes, just spend a lot of time outside with lots of treats and give him one each time he goes potty outside. we also have a bell hanging from our door that piper rings when she needs to go outside. it was really easy to train her and it's great because we can hear it from upstairs, too!

KiwiChristy said...

I have no tips about dog training, but excited for you and can't wait to meet Sammy!!! :)

Jen said...

Sammy is so cute, I just love him already! The best advice I have is that tired dog is a good dog. Lots of exercise, take him somewhere to run every day or play with him in the yard. When my dog was a puppy we took her to the park and let her run off leash for an hour almost everyday. She's a bit hyper anyway but the exercise did wonders for her!