Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More of Sammy

We've had Sammy for almost two weeks now... here are some pics.

So rare to get a photo of him looking at me!

He likes to snooze on the beanbag when we are in the living room.

We've noticed that he likes to hide his treats instead of eat them! Seems really bizarre. You won't find me hiding any bits of chocolate (though I might try and then fail). Pretty funny watching him save his bones and biscuits and take them out and bury!

Sammy's real sweet with us but he has also come with a few issues. He has some separation anxiety and is confused with when to be protective/aggressive when we are out for walks. They say this is all linked to being in a new environment without his long-time doggy friend that he relied on in his previous home. Now we have a lot of work to try and figure this out... so we'll see how it goes. We knew it'd be hard work but we weren't quite expecting this much stuff! Honestly not quite sure whether to laugh or cry about life's issues sometimes! Anyway... here is Sammy waiting outside a room door for the husband to come out! Funny huh.


GMom said...

love your photos....i think having any pet is a lot of work...the puppy seems to be more work than a child!!!!! xoxox

Grace said...

oh, he is precious!!! Maybe he hides everything because he's not sure if he'll get more! Poor guy, it must be hard and confusing for him!