Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Bits and Bobs from Blogdom and uh... me

Expectations has been an often-on-my-mind topic to me. What do we do with them? Similar to hope, we need it and it is good to have it, but it also is hard to deal with when it is not fulfilled or takes a turn, or a lot of turns.

Today there was a post from Stirrup Queens on it that made me go, "Like TOTALLY." as with a lot of other posts from women dealing with IF stuff. Here it is if you want to read it.

The impact of death and life is something I've thought a bit about these past couple years. With a close and special friend going through the loss her mother, as well as our multiple pregnancy losses, I've been forced to think through some things that I didn't really have to before. I think a big thing for me these days is wondering what the after-life is like.

Today there was a post about the fear of death, from Jared, who has cancer and cannot escape the reality of his situation. I think it is his honesty that strikes me.

His blog is a sobering read (he takes great photos too) and a helpful way to keep some perspective on things in life- knowing how other people are going through massive things, things beyond my understanding. I've been learning a lot.

On a totally separate note/table of random objects, we are bringing home a dog today! We are so pleased to be finally getting a dog, as we have been thinking of getting one for ages. His name is Sammy and we found him free on a classified on Trade Me. (We love this NZ site for everything you can find/sell on it.)

Factors that we previously thought were issues have just worked out well or we've found a way around them, and what neat timing too. This has been a nice little burst of sunshine for us this past week.

Okay. I have to admit I have also been nervous about it, as I don't know if he'll adjust well, like it here, like us, pee everywhere and whether I'll be firm enough with him, trip over him in the night, get used to the poop-picking-up again or constantly vacuuming. So many things! Haha. It has been a while since I've had a dog. The first time for the husband and I together.

A part of me is wondering if this is a tiny peek into the anticipation of adopting a child too. Oh gosh if I'm a small wreck now waiting for a dog (pets being something I'm kinda familiar with), I'll be a junkyard of psycho with a kid!

Anyway. Talk more soon.


Jen said...

I'm happy your getting a dog, pets can be such a good way to satisfy that mothering instinct. Not that it completely satisfies it but it does seem to help me anyway. When we lost our baby I so badly wanted another puppy, DH said we could but I knew it wasn't right for us at the time. One dog in the house is enough for me to clean up after too! Don't stress about it, I'm sure everything with the new dog will be fine!

Grace said...

okay, you need to post pictures of that dog now! i love having piper and it's been so great to have another being to take care of. and i swear, she gets me. there are definitely times that try your patience, but it has been good practice for parenting!

Just Ruthie said...

so excited for you. I dog-sat this labor day holiday (Gracie the frenchie) and i was sooooo sad last night when she had to go home. It was strange not hearing that little tinkle of her tag when she walks around the house.

Post pics Sairy.

Ps got your email. Will reply with a new thread cos everything I see Cream Cheese Pie, I get hungry. hahahaha