Monday, May 03, 2010

Mother's Day is Coming- Useful links

I'm always keen to celebrate it for my mom and what she means to me, but for now I'm still a bit confused about how to approach it myself.

Here is a short post I found about it, from someone who's dealing or dealt with infertility stuff. I thought it was interesting:
Eve's Daughters

If you, like me, are a bit confused about how to approach this day, the author, Holley Gerth also wrote another post a year ago on her own blogsite, When Mother's Day is Difficult. There is an article attached to it, which is I really like and is pretty useful. If you are a friend who wants to care for someone kind of like me, you can have a read too:
When Mother's Day is Difficult- PDF article.

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KiwiChristy said...

Thanks for the links....had a read and very helpful!!! Love ya!!