Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Take up your crutches and follow me?

I live by a pretty intimidating hill. It isn't fun to walk up. It doesn't take that long, but it just looks menacing and is pretty tiring to get to the top.

The other day on my way home, I was driving down it (braking my way down it, more like) and I spotted a guy walking up.

But he kinda wasn't walking up. He was on crutches and was slowly hobbling his way up this steep hill. More like inching his way up. Crutches on that hill!!!

It just made me think. Would I do that?

I stand around in my running gear, special shoes with orthotics, dri-fast hat and grippy sunglasses, yet am reluctant to take on that long trek upwards. Sometimes I walk along all the other roads to avoid it. Sometimes I don't walk at all. Somehow I am waiting to get 'fitter' before taking it on.

Yet, here is this man who's injured or broken some part of his leg and is justified in sitting down and hanging out on his couch for a few months, but he's not doing that, he's outside inching his way uncomfortably up the very same hill I'm literally running from. Sure it may be part of his rehab... but I was intrigued by his will to do it.

There are many ways we can use this as an illustration or analogy of our spiritual lives or walk with God, things about perseverance, faith, or just stepping forward in what seems like an ever-uphill journey. But I'll keep it simple and let you think through it how ever you want. For me, it just made me re-think... so what am I doing with my situation? How am I taking on this journey?

(An escalator would be nice... or would it?)

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