Sunday, March 28, 2010

10 things...

Here are 10 things I'm THANKING GOD for:

1. This pic. I love this picture. I didn't take it but I've been 'storing it' to share with you and since it was beautiful again today here in Auckland, this photo is a good representation of it. (Can you tell I'm dreading the weather cooling down?)

2. I had a weekend. Yes a whole Saturday and a whole Sunday!

3. The husband and I got to spend some time together. In light of new job hours and health, this has been sooo precious.

4. Friends who have been there to hang with me, laugh with, cry with and pray for me/us. (And haven't gotten sick of us.)

5. Coffee/walks/seeing/meeting up with the above in point 4.

6. New ideas. Someone (from the Hannah's Prayer Forums) came up with the great idea of 'IF (infertility) points'. This is where you think of something you have been able to do that you would not have, or would be hard, if you have kids or a baby. Look, I'm human, know this isn't gonna work on some days but overall, I LOVE this idea. For example, here are three:

7. For the last two weeks, we were able to have a friend stay with us in our spare room while she's in between places to live. She was great to hang with. It was fun having a temporary flatmate! (If we had kids, we probably wouldn't have had the space, and at most could've only offered a couple nights for her to stay.)

8. I spent a large part of Saturday baking cupcakes, decorating them and naming them (yes I named them). I got to take my time and enjoy the process. (If I had kids, I'm not sure how much time I'd have like this to just choose to do 'whatever' for a few hours.)

9. In the morning, I can go for a walk or run (um... if I do get up early to do this) without having to worry about getting back to the kids in time for something- except sometimes I have to be careful of being late for the next thing on haha...

10. Tenth thing I'm thankful for... Hot Fudge Sundaes at McDonalds. Oh actually! A resource- On another blog (patientlywaiting) I found this link The Infertility Awareness Project.
It is to a video/slideshow that this lady made for her friends and family, to communicate about infertility. It was hard to watch but reflected what would be on my heart too. Maybe it could be useful for you?

11. Okay this is more than ten but, BOOKS. God On Mute by Peter Greig is one I'm reading through slowly. He looks at why sometimes prayer is 'unanswered'. I'm enjoying his writing style. Thank God also for friends who share these books with you.

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