Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Toby - 7 mths

Thanks for all your thoughts guys I appreciate them so much.

Toby is 7 months (eeks). Here is a little update and a bunch of pics.

(I LOVE this pic!) We can kind of sit up but sometimes mom looks away and... bonk!

This was our first plane ride... to Wellington for a wedding. 

(Airplane bib was actually not planned!)

We did really good and just slept for most of it- phew. Now we'll see about that long-distance one to Canada in June... 

Camo-stripey pjs.

Eat everything.

Chub-baby legs.

Swimming is a bit intimidating but we're warming up to it... 

Nice to have dad with us.

We're getting good on our belly and now we're lifting our hips too! We can sorta slide backwards.

Happy Chinese New Year Toby! (with grandma)


Amel said...

AWWWWWWWWW LOVE all the photos, but my fave is also the first one...summer pic!!! Here it's still in the middle of winterrrrr...today is -23'C still ha ha ha ha...

He's growing SO fast!!!!!!!!!!!

KiwiChristy said...

Gorgeous!! SO many fun new pictures. :)