Thursday, January 26, 2012

What to do!

Since getting pregnant (which is like a long long time ago), I think I have been confused about what to do with this blog. I'm sure my posts reflect that too!

My original intention was clear- I wanted this to be a place for me to talk about infertility and miscarriage but also for others to maybe feel less alone by reading about it too.

Of course it has given me a place to write things I would not know how to express in real life too.

Now that I am a mom to Toby, most of my every day experiences are about him or with him. Yet I find myself holding back talking too much about him because I've wanted to keep my original intentions with this blog. Which doesn't really work for a blog does it?

I wonder if I just need to let my blogging reflect that I'm a parent. Like starting a new chapter... though a bit delayed haha (which is so me!)

I guess that's also where the website idea comes into play. I'm still hoping I (and the husband) can be helpful to those going through infertility and miscarriage in some way. I feel like I still have lots I can put into a resource of some sort, especially for Christian women in New Zealand. So maybe that's where I can put all that thought/emotion and experience. Hmmm?

Honest thoughts welcome!


KiwiChristy said...

I love your blog so I hope you do keep it up. So nice to have this insight to your life and mind!!

heather said...

your blog is a reflection of YOU! you should write about whatever you want. i started my blog to journal, then post recipes, then talk about infertility, and then miscarriage and now evolves. that's what good blogs do ;)

Barbara said...

I agree with Heather. Let your blog evolve with you, if that's what you'd like to do. It's a great way to chronicle your experience with parenthood post-IF.

Teri said...

Hey Sarah,
I read this one about a week ago and just didn't have time to comment. I soooo agree with your friends on this one. We love your blog, and it is a reflection of let it evolve. Maybe think of a postscript to your title that encapsulates the journey you've been on. But I too hope you won't stop writing or posting pics!! :) The baby is getting so big and even cuter if that is possible! Blessings!