Friday, January 13, 2012


Leading up to Christmas eve I was so sure I was going to fit in a blog post... Now it is two weeks into the new year. We took down our decorations today and I'm finally trying to type out a blog post- from our iPod touch, a fancy Christmas present we got from generous family! We were so spoiled.

How are you?

We had a lovely time over Christmas though it was busy. It was special celebrating it this time with a baby.

I took lots of photos of Toby but I lost my camera with them all in it when we went on a short holiday soon after new year's. A week ago exactly actually. Yes. Big pity party please. ugh. I can't even bear to think of it still.

Anyway I'm going to post this as a test and see how it goes...

Here are some photos I have on here: Toby on his belly in his cot (he keeps rolling over which is great but doesn't know how to roll back!), some lovely Christmas cookies from my friend and her son, and us after christmas morning fun-mayhem haha!

I hope you had a lovely start to the year!


Barbara said...

Sorry to hear about your camera. Good to hear that you had a fun Christmas. I just love seeing your husband in shorts and a t-shirt at Christmas. Wish that's what we were wearing here!

Amel said...

Oh myyyy...SO SORRY to hear about losing your camera. That must've been quite a shock. LOVE the pics...the cookies look SO good! :-D