Saturday, October 29, 2011


(A couple weeks ago I tried to go for a walk around the block with him in the baby bjorn... but he fell asleep!)

(This was me trying to take a passport photo of him. But he was a little too excited so I kept getting these funny expressions. We went to the store to do it haha.)

(This was a recent family pic. Look at his rosy cheeks!)

(So I often find him all over the place in his cot. Here's one...)

(You almost always will find him like this for his afternoon nap.)

(This was us at the Rugby World Cup Final party at my friend C's.)

(Just showin' off my All Black cupcakes. They won they won they won!)


Amel said...

Oh yeah, you look GREAT for someone who just gave birth 4 months ago, you know? :-D LOVE all the pics. :-D

GMom said...

lookin' GREAT!!!! thanks for sharing all the wonderful family pics!!(so great the All Blacks won, too)

Barbara said...

Great pics! I loved our Baby Bjorn when M was little. We watched a bit of rugby over here, but it was tough to watch it live due to the time difference. My husband loves rugby and played it when he was younger. We were happy the the All Blacks won...and I was just thinking about your other post when you were talking about getting ready for summer...oh, I am so jealous. We're just gearing up for winter here, which is a bit of a looooong season for my liking! Oh well. At least Christmas is soon enough!