Friday, October 07, 2011


I am enjoying being a mother. Already with a small baby it can be unrelenting and tiring but it is also just so awesome to have a child. My own live baby. Yikes!

I wondered if this (motherhood) would change the impact infertility has had on me and I'm sure in different ways it has. However, I also feel like it has actually stretched my heart in feeling more for those who are waiting or dealing with not being able to have kids- because being a mother is pretty special. Like I feel more intensely empathetic.

I didn't expect this!

(Oh but don't get me wrong I don't believe it is the 'highest-calling' as some may put it, as serving God is our highest-calling really, but being a mother is a God-given desire and I feel priviledged to be able to be in this role.)

Anyway. That's one of the things I've been thinking. I'm sure I could've made it shorter. ha.

Here are some fun 'comparison shots' of Toby, from when he was a week or two weeks old (left side) to 12-13 weeks. Crazy how fast they grow huh!


Amel said...

LOVE the comparison goodness, babies sure grow SO FAST!!!!!!!!!!

Barbara said...

Great "then and now" shots. It truly is amazing how fast babies grow. I understand what you mean about gaining empathy for those struggling with IF after you've become a mom. I feel privileged to have come through that journey as someone who has been incredibly blessed through both adoption and pregnancy. There's so much I can say about how IF marks you forever, but I always admit that I will never know the true pain of simply being unable to bear children this side of heaven.