Friday, May 27, 2011


Hay... so here are some photos from my past few weeks. Not a grrrrrreat selection but it'll have to do for now!

**Lots of baby-ish stuff. Look away if not ready for it.**

(my friend J is due a month ahead of me. here's a diaper cake i made for her baby shower! very proud of myself. oh and yes crazy straws can come in handy if you're a slight hoarder like me!)

(we also did these super cute cut-outs for her shower deco. L did a lot of work cutting them out- go you! if you want to make them, find them here. )

(the husband and i attended a wedding a couple weekends ago. here we are in the church waiting for the bride, who was very gorgeous!)

(here's us outside the church. we don't normally looks so tidy/fancy i promise.)

(my mom recently went to the states to visit my bro. she brought back some goodies for the baby. here are some baby socks i need to wash... and uh there were a set of bibs that include obvious pink ones, to the right, haha... he won't know...)

(she also brought back his first little toy, a monkey. yes, which is funny cos' the first thing i got him was a monkey-theme thing too. probably will be a bit of a monkey. help. )

(some clothes he's already accumulated- little pile of laundry i need to get done at some point...)

(random blow up green cow we got for him. apparently good for agility hahha. and just fun in general. yeah maybe a bit early for this kinda thing...)

(did white laundry the other day- check out the baby's newborn undershirt vs. the dad's shirt...)

(i seem to have lost a belly-pic that we recently took! so... this one has a part of me in it plus sammy.)

34 weeks! Going well. Saw the mid-wife yesterday. Things still all seem fine and he's actually in a good foetal position which is nice too. (Stay there!) Except it makes me pee a lot and gives me backpains here and there haha but overall is a good thing.

Ok. That's me for today. Talk more soon! Happy Friday!


Barbara said...

I love all the photos! The diaper cake is beautiful - great colours! You look stunning in that dress. You are getting so close to the "end"! I'm so excited for you... Oh, it's such an exciting time! Keep resting as much as possible. Don't you feel very pregnant now and you wonder how much bigger you can even get?! And bigger you will get!! Take lots of pics. I kinda regret not taking more.

GMom said...

diaper cake was GORGEOUS and very practical, too!!!! you look so good in that dress...great colour for you....LOVE all the baby stuff...saw a tiny "CANADA" shirt at the store the other day ....sooo cute....continue to take lots and lots of photos - it IS such an exciting time...God bless xoxoxo

Amel said...

LOVE that diaper cake and the pics of the two of you are really lovely. You're a truly beaming mom-to-be. Simply gorgeous!!! :-D LOVE the baby clothes, as well. Can't wait to see your child he he he...glad to hear everything's fine. :-D WHOOOPPEEE!!! Cheers for the last weeks of the pregnancy...may they continue to be smooth. :-D

GMom said...

love the green cow....

Grace said...

cute cute stuff!!! love that diaper cake and you guys look so cute in those pictures!