Wednesday, May 18, 2011

33 weeks!

How are you doing?

This week I'm at 33 weeks!


I don't feel the most fab physically- bit of nausea (taking vitamin B6 to see if that helps), extreme tiredness somedays, back pain when I walk, still having leg cramps in the night (despite my magnesium pills sigh...)! But I know we're doing well and baby seems to be doing fine, so let's try and keep that all in focus haha.

We've prepared the baby room in a basic sense. There's furniture and most of the baby's bits and pieces in there. I still have a bit of organising and clearing-out to do but just will have to do that slowly.

The 'spare' room was always a strong physical reminder for me of the children we were waiting for. Now that we have ACTUALLY been able to prepare it, it is simply quite awesome (ahh!).

Last night we finished our ante natal classes. I think it went well and hopefully we'll form a little group.

I don't know how prepared I feel for labour and post-natal stuff, but at least I have a bit more knowledge now. I definitely feel a bit nervous about the thought of all that pain, but I'm trying not to dwell on it too much because I know I'll just freak myself out- cos' I do that.

There are lots more little things to buy and it is OVERWHELMING how many baby products there are out there. I've got a list but I've sort of stopped 'accumulating' for now as I'll just wait and see what we need and also what my baby shower brings (yes I'm going to have one!)

I'm thankful that we've been able to purchase a heap of stuff second-hand (proud of our bargain hunting skills) and also been given some lovely things already. When I stare at these newborn clothes, it is like oh-my-goodness-oh-my-goodness! (Is that from Annie? I can't remember haha.)

Life has been busy! I wish I was stopping to blog more, but I seem to keep running out of minutes! (Partly cos' I'm tired a lot I think.)

Anyway. Just wanted to write a short update. Don't have any good photos with me right now, but hopefully will post some soon.

Have a lovely mid-week.

P.S. Usually love these updates but this week, Babycenter says the baby is sort of the size of a pineapple right now. A PINEAPPLE! (Talk about a scary visual aid.)


Grace said...

i can't believe how quickly this has flown by! whohoo!!! will you show us pictures of his room??

Sas said...

ok i will try and post some!

Amel said...

OH OH OH SO EXCITED for you!!!! Wish you a smooth deliverrrryy and hope the leg cramps and back pain don't get any worse! Just rest a lot and enjoy the rest of the pregnancy.

Can't wait to see your baby and the baby room. :-D

GMom said...

so wish we could be there....

Anna said...

A pineapple!!??? That just conjures up the worst images of tying to push out a pineapple in the delivery suite, spikes and all.
Yep, from 'Annie.'

Barbara said...

33 weeks! You are getting so close! But it's understandable that you're feeling a bit yech. The tiredness is so all encompassing, at least that's how I remember it. Just keep resting as much as you can, even if that can be uncomfortable too! As a sidenote, I love that you call them "ante" natal classes. We call them prenatal classes here! It's definitely easy to get overwhelmed with what you may need for baby. I'd almost suggest buying most stuff on an as-needed basis. Like don't buy a highchair until he actually needs one, and then you may just want to use a booster seat instead. Just my experience...

Pip said...

Oh my goodness oh my goodness! (Yes it is from Annie! I watched that loads growing up!)

33 WEEKS! Well, 34 now! I'm so excited that you're having a baby shower! You must make sure to get some photos on here. Oooo not long now!