Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sweet Saturdays

Ok maybe not the best title for this post because I'm supposed to be keeping my sweet-tooth at bay for now. But is has been a nice Saturday so far, so... here I am!

Thought I'd better try and write a little something before I go and lie down.

1. TODAY- Feeling pretty proud of myself today. Got a few errands done this morning including going to the bank and getting a few gifts... including spending a Christmas voucher I got given- all for me! I got a necklace that has a pocket watch on the end. Kinda fun huh? It is a pretty brassy/gold old-look necklace, where the face cover pops open and the watch actually works! (Thanks C!)

(there it is!)

2. DISCOVERY- Yesterday I met a friend for coffee and I thought I'd be sneaky and try and check out a shop just beforehand, as I was early... BUT I can no longer walk quickly, so was a couple minutes late haha! The baby in my belly is starting to get a little prominent, so I struggled to get to the cafe on time! The things you learn. (And my shopping stamina has definitely waned...)

3. 28- This week we're at 28 weeks. Next week I'm turning 29 and I'll be in my 29th week! Fun huh? Just a little random fact for you.

4. PREP- Preparing for the baby has been good fun, though there still seems to be so many little things to think about... I keep putting some off but I'm realising I can't do that for too long haha. We attended our first ante natal class this week. Who knew we'd be sitting in a roomful of pregnant couples, us included? It is definitely weird to be 'on the other side' of where I was at, yet being still the very same person.

5. HMMM... It is interesting that like most other IF-ers, all I thought about for the last few years was how to get pregnant and stay pregnant, and it is hard to transition to thinking, "uh oh... how will I get this baby out?"...

6. BRAIN- So I have lost quite a few brain cells. I used to be such an unbeliever of 'baby brain' but I've had to eat my words. I still maintain that this is only funny because I am 'normally' pretty 'with it'... but we'll see!

 Here's a list of things I've done:
- opened the fridge and found a packet of half-eaten girl-guide cookies in there (no we don't store it in there)
- similarly, opened the fridge and found my big soya sauce bottle next to the milk (what was it doing there!)
- offered my husband a glass of water then proceeded to search for the glasses (I've lived here four years people)
- stood in the shower and could not remember if I'd already shampooed my hair or not!
- looked at the hand my friend held out to me, with his palm facing up, as we were agreeing on something, then SHOOK IT instead of slapping it (like a lo-five kinda thing). Oh that was bad, and didn't realise what I'd done til after!
- lost stuff (and I never lose stuff!)

so anyway... much more to say but I'm fading here at 3:30pm haha... took a photo of my new necklace but can't find the file from the webcam ugh. LATER!


Phil & Elena said...

Haha, I love number 5. but now i can't remember what it said. oh, now i went back and looked (yes baby brain is bad and real). Yes, it is a little scary as this baby grows inside of you and then it has to come out!!! We should talk more it would be fun to hear how the preparing is going. I always loved getting the nursary all ready.

KiwiChristy said...

Love that you got to use your voucher!!! Can't wait to see the loot in person!!! :)

P said...

I loved reading the jelly brain moments - especially the hand-shake thing! Even better that you didn't realise until later! I'd love to have seen your friend's face when you did that.

Also, great necklace! I got one similar for my birthday last year but the battery has just died and I can't figure out how to take the back off! Ah well, it still looks pretty!

29 weeks at 29. Cool :)

Grace said...

yay for 28 weeks!! haha for crazy pregancy brain! ;) and wow for a beautiful necklace!! :)

Barbara said...

In regards to #2, I had the same experience. I used to just say, "I have one speed, and I'll get there when I get there"...tough for a former speedy walker :) Also I had the same feeling you expressed in #5. Yikes, this baby has to come out...but how?!! Honestly, that was my greatest stressor while pregnant. And in the end, everything worked out fine. Happy birthday this week!! What a neat coincidence to be 29 in your 29th week!! And ONLY 29!!!!!! You're so young still :)