Friday, April 08, 2011


Every Friday morning it feels like I try to squish in as many things as I can because it is my one morning where I can- I work from 2pm. Then again, because it is a later start, I also like to take my time... so it turns out to be a bit of a funny mixture of things.

(love breakfast! do you?)

So here I am, did laundry, caught up on some emails, some Facebook stuff, read some blogs I follow and hope to write a quick post. Then I hope to get ready, eat and do a bit of mall-walking (just a bit of 'me time', plus I need more stretchy pants for winter, for work, ugh) and then off to work. I'm terrible at getting things done quickly so this is quite a feat.

It is April! I like April because it is birthday month! WOOHOO. And it helps that it is Easter.. PLUS you get a break too. Also, it is not too cold just yet and the sun is still around, which is just fab.

The only sad thing is that I can't be having too many treats, like hot-cross buns and easter eggs this time because I need to watch my diet. Grrr. I officially don't have gestational diabetes (very thankful cos' my mom had it) but I'm a 'borderline' case so I do have to be careful. Not cool. Oh well. Small thing really for a good cause. Sugar-free chocolate, anyone?

I've been a bit out of action because last weekend we got to go away- to Nelson. A lovely beach town in the South Island for a wedding. It was a beautiful and special wedding, and we felt very fortunate to be able to celebrate it with our friends. Yay.

(us at wedding)

(view from the top! nelson is beautiful!)

It has also been a big week because a dear friend just had her baby! She has been a special friend too because she was one of the first couple people I knew who was dealing with infertility too, and it helped SO MUCH to have someone to talk to about it all. Haven't got to see them yet but I hope to soon!

Ok. Bit of a random post. That's me for now...

**1:30pm now. I did not make it out the door early. Posted on blog, did couple things then decided it was all too much effort and I was too tired. haha... so I had a big NAP instead. At noon! Oh gosh. **


Amel said...

You look GREAT, Mom-to-be. I love the other picture, too. Hope you can stick to your diet and stay healthy always! :-D

Grace said...

you guys are so cute!
and i keep forgetting about the season differences so i was so confused at first!

Barbara said...

You look fantastic in that dress! What nice picture of the two of you. Make sure you take lots of belly pics, because it's fun to look at them later. In terms of gestational diabetes, I didn't pass the first test and had to go back for the 3-hr test, which was brutal. Thank goodness I passed, but it did make me more careful for the last 10 weeks. But most food also tasted gross by that point. Any acid reflux yet? That was the worst for me.