Sunday, November 14, 2010

What's Great About Now...

This weekend I got to spend some time alone at Browns Bay. It was nice taking a walk and have a nosey around the shops. Here is a pic I took while sitting on the bench.

(there were lotsa people and dogs out and about, but somehow they didn't feature in my shot... haha... oh well!)

Ahhh thankful for lovely days and gelato. haha. Yeah I had a double scoop of gelato- chocolate and hazelnut. MMmmmmm.

(Except it was a cash-only shop and I never carry cash on me these days, so I had to go and get money from an ATM, but I think the shopowners are pretty used to it cos' she let me have my ice-cream and trusted me to come back with the money. How nice!)

The warm weather reminds us that Christmas is coming up (yeah weird for some of you I know!) and I love it. What do you like about this time of the year?

I like:

1. Christmas and all its trimmings like ornaments, wrapping presents, food, etc.

2. Starbucks releases its Christmas-flavours of drinks! Yum.

3. Summer = warmth. (Though it might get hot and there are flies but besides that...) Having barbecues and hanging out outside.

4. Cos' it is warm, we will wear less layers, which means (theoretically) less laundry! haha.

5. Ice-cream/gelato/frappucino/milkshakes/smoothies, give it to me baby!

6. Music. Love Christmas music.

Last year my bro and sis-in-law got me Chris Tomlin's Glory in the Highest (if you can, listen to the 11th track by Audrey Assad, I love it even thought it isn't winter here... gorgeous! Reminds me I'd like to check out her own album... ) and Mercy Me's The Christmas Sessions for Christmas so I'm looking forward to playing it leading up to Christmas instead of after Christmas this time haha...

Anyway. That's me for now. What about you?

Sunday night here. Better head to bed. Have a good day!


Amel said...

WOW!!! Love the pic and the summery blog post he it's winter already and that's what I love about Christmas here, I guess. The snow and the Christmas lights...

Unfortunately I suffer from SAD this year due to my work shifts, but I'm going to buy some light therapy lamp to help me out. We'll see...

I still love eating ice-cream even in the depth of winter. I have a box of mint chocolate ice-cream in our fridge. :-D

Grace said...

so gorgeous!!! i can't imagine having a hot christmas...on one hand, i think i'd love the warmth, but on the other, it's so opposite from what i picture christmas to be!

GMom said...

can hardly wait to try out a WARM Christmas....must go to Brown looks beautiful...vanilla icecream with chocolate and candy cane pieces...mmmmmmmmmmm my favourite....xoxo

KiwiChristy said...

You know how I love Christmas too!!!! It was nice to relax reading about all the super fun Christmas/summer things!!! Rock on Summer Christmas!!! :)