Tuesday, November 02, 2010


I survived my 21 km! Thanks for all the support you guys. I had a lovely crew who cheered me on. It was so hard- I hit a wall unexpectedly earlier than planned, then it was survival-mode from then on. I'm proud to say I didn't walk and I still did it in a great time for my standards. I made it in 2 hours 7 mins!

Thank you God for helping me through one of the longest two hours ever! Still felt great at the end though.

athlete photo (Running photos are terrible and one day I will post a photo of me NOT in running gear cos' I'm really not as hard-core-sporty as it looks. I picked this because the guy behind is walking so it makes me look good. I really struggled on the Harbour Bridge, but they closed the lane just for us so I tried to make the most of it! haha.)

Probably because of the big run, I've been pretty tired these last couple days, and that will be my excuse for having a sorta hard couple of days. It has been busy at work overall too.

Well... that and I noticed a Facebook pregnancy announcement this morning (man oh man maybe I do need to just not use it...Oh Lord how many more, please help me), and the husband has kicked off his Mo-vember campaign (hahaha... sigh... poor me poor me), so it is great timing to be LEAVING Auckland for a couple days. I'm visiting a dear friend in Dunedin (all the way down in the South Island!). I'm excited about that and I'm sure we'll have a fun time. woopwoop.

(map of nz! top red dot is auckland and bottom one is dunedin!)

It'll just be nice to spend time with her, be seeing new sights and be AWAY from normal life for a short time. I will miss the husband though. I think cos' it has been a difficult time for us this past year, I find it hard being apart from him! I know sounds so needy but it is totally the truth- I've become super clingy in a random kind of way. SAD. Sigh. haha.

Anyway. Gotta go get the bags ready. Hope you are having a good week and all you North Americans had a fun Halloween!


Surely said...

Wow! That's so awesome!! I have great respect (and jealousy) for those who can run so well. I've just done a few mini races but don't have the gumption to keep up with it. I haven't ran an inch since June. JUNE!

Anyway, I'm pleased to find your blog as I am also a PCOSister/RPL-er/Christ folower in "sunny" California. New Zealand sounds like such an exotic place to live!

Grace said...

wahoo!!! congrats! awesome achievement, for sure. and i love the reason you posted that pic. :)

have fun on your trip!

Heather said...

CONGRATS! and great job!

GMom said...

CONGRATULATIONS on finishing the marathon...very proud of you...love the pic of YOU running and the guy walking!!!!
have a marvelous holiday...you certainly deserve the break...the husband will miss you!!!!....xoxo

Amel said...

CONGRATS!!! You didn't even walk at all? WOWIIIEEEE!!! Super awesome! :-D

And ENJOY the trip (I'm sure you will!). :-D I'm looking forward to our short break in April, though I still need confirmation from my workplace about it 'coz I'm still a newbie and I haven't earned my holiday yet (though I've asked and they think it'd be possible).