Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Two Digits!

 Toby is ten whole weeks today. We are doing well. Here are some achievements:
1. Survived 6-week shots- vaccinations. The husband held him, not me- I couldn't watch!

2. We have officially graduated out of newborn clothes and diapers and are ploughing through the 3-mth outfits. Thankful we got given so many clothes as gifts.

3. Toby smiles a lot and "chats", which is really lovely because other than that they don't do much at this age!

4. With some perseverance we've managed to sleep through the night a few times. Praying we can continue! The difference it makes between waking at 4am and waking at 7am is amazing- definitely a nicer mom haha.

5. We've breastfed for 10 weeks! That's like 7 x 7 x 10 = 490 feeds roughly. RIDICULOUS. Though I've had a few rounds of clogged ducts (PAIN) and I really don't like expressing (super frustrating)... Thankful no major issues for now.

Yes it is still surreal that we have a son. And that he's super cute.

 (Fell asleep in my car seat waiting for disorganised mom and dad to leave- probably packing my diaper bag.)
 (Big chats with dad while propped up on the couch.)
(I don't really like hats...)
(...but mom makes me pose in them anyway!)


GMom said...

Toby certainly looks so very contented and happy and growing quickly....GREAT job Mom...God bless you THREE!!!

Barbara said...

So good to hear that you're all doing well. I love the pictures. Toby is one adorable baby - like seriously precious.