Thursday, July 28, 2011


That seems to be the name of the game at the moment!

We are one month into this mom-hood thing and it is crazy hard. I don't know how you can love a little thing so much and yet I am still feeling very lost! See, my sentences don't even really make sense do they?

Anyway. We've made it to one month so that's worth a big HURRAH! We're also having a Chinese dinner celebration on Saturday as the Chinese are big on the one month milestone.

To be honest, all I am thinking about these days is when to feed, when to change, when to sleep, and if we try and go out- how to feed, how to change and how to sleep. Talking about Toby of course. But pretty much the same questions for myself!

People around me say we are doing well so I'm thankful for that and trying to soak it in... but my brain doesn't always compute and this life is so so new to me! Sadly, waiting four years doesn't mean you'll be better at adjusting to being a mom haha.

In the meantime, Toby is a lovely baby. Growing fast and furiously... while mom is trying to catch up with the hugeness of it all!

Here are some new pics.

(c'mon sleepyhead!)

(nice and snuggly. lovehim lovehim lovehim.)

(he was checking out the mobile then he spotted us...)

(getting weighed haha! he's put on 1kg in 1 month!)

(sometimes we just can't be bothered getting pants on and um matching is not a priority...)

(baby on skype!)


KiwiChristy said...

Sarah, you ARE doing a wonderful job and those early days are hard because of the schedule of feeding, sleeping, changing gets kind of numbing at times. Can't wait to see you soon!!

GMom said...

Sarah, looks to me that you are doing a GREAT job...that's a terrific weight gain...all these firsts are much depending on mom (& dad, too, hopefully) assured - you're doing GREAT!!!!

Amel said...

He's a totally handsome, big boy. :-D LOVE the pics!