Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Baby Shower

I had my baby shower about a week and a bit ago. Sorry for the delay!

Here is a special perspective on it from my friend Ch.

As for me... I don't know where to start! Hmmm... so I'm going to scatter photos throughout this post. Visuals are always good.

(party favours and soother lollies, for wearing as a necklance-game, at the entrance)

(cake! wonderfully iced.)

I loved every bit of it and I felt much like a queen. There was so much effort put into it I don't even dare to imagine how much time and energy they spent on planning and preparing!

(My dear friends K, Ch and Lr organised and set up a beautiful party and my other lovely friends who attended and helped showered me (and the baby) with lots of precious gifts.)

(This was where everyone oohed and ahhed! Overall look inspired by Amy Atlas, cake stands were made like in this blog post, and food was painstakingly picked and colour coordinated by K and Ch- some stuff was even sent from the US.)

I have to say I was nervous about it because it is simply weird being the centre of attention. Plus, it was a baby shower, for goodness sakes'! Um... a concept you guys probably know I wasn't so keen on for a while there. And I knew there may be a few friends attending it who would find it hard too!

(So I told specific friends to anticipate my baby shower invite and I hope that helped them prepare for it. It blew me away that pretty much everyone on the invite list came... unless they were living long distance or were not feeling well. Crazy huh.)

(we played 2 fun games and I appreciated that they were short and sweet. what i wanted! i think my hair looks a bit like a helmet here haha. oh well.)

I know that it is important to celebrate this little life that God has so greatly provided and given us, so the baby shower was a great way to do that. And for me personally it was also a special way to have many of my dear friends take part in the 'joy' side of the story, and not just the hard parts! (Even though I was getting the gifts haha.)

(so many many gifts)

Some major highlights of the shower were:
- the decorations/presentation of EVERYTHING, especialy the table of food/candy/treats
- a little speech that my friend Ch wrote and delivered, which meant a lot to me (yes there were tears!)
- just having everyone come, mingle and have a fun time with me/baby.

(got the colour theme yet? and don't you love those stands!)

(yes we're a little bit into these gorgeous jars!)

I can't say THANK YOU enough!

(cheesy photo but kinda fun too!)

** All these photos were taken by Michelle D- Outstretched Photography & Design. Thanks M! **


Amel said...

Simply WONDERFUL!!! A day to remember, eh? And blue's my fave colour, so of course I love everything about the design. LOVE the cake design as well. It'd be such a shame to cut the cake if it were mine, but then again I just wouldn't be able to resist tasting it hi hi hi...I LOVE cakes and icing!!! :-D

Don't worry about the hair. You look gorgeous. A beaming pregnant lady. :-D :-D :-D Cheers to wonderful friends who make things happen and who bring joy to our lives! :-D

GMom said...

what a marvelous shower...the colours are just gorgeous...the decorations, eveything lokked marvelous!!!!! so very glad your Mom could be part of the celebration...time is getting so close...exciting yet scary, too...God bless xoxoxo

Barbara said...

What a beautiful baby shower! I love the colour scheme and how nicely everything matched! You obviously have amazing friends, and yes, celebrating your baby is wonderful and probably makes him seem much more real!!

Grace said...

how beautiful!!! congrats, s! it looks like you had a wonderful time...you look gorgeous!