Friday, December 24, 2010

Spilling the Beans

** caution: pregnancy-type stuff in here**

(this was my christmas craft this year... started as just a wreath using stuff i had... became a candy cane wreath!)

It is Christmas Eve here. I don't know if this is the best time for where you are at to tell you my news, because I know how it feels to be on the receiving end of these... but I need to let you know. I've been um-ing and ah-ing for the last six weeks wanting to tell you guys this but for different reasons I had to wait.

Guys, I'm pregnant.

Joke? No. Not kidding.

Did I just use the dreaded p-word? Yes.

Ridiculous? Yes.

Madly ridiculous? Amen.

Surprise? Big time.

Miracle? OH BOY YES on multiple levels. You may know we were in a local adoption process where we were going to be 'approved' of as adoptive parents, right about now (so they will make us put that on hold)... We conceived without help! (For three years I've never ovulated on my own and suddenly here we are...) We also have made it past 12 weeks which is in another realm of miracles.

Confused? Totally. I have felt very much like Zechariah and Elizabeth in Luke 1 in the Bible- speechless and shown great mercy.

Celebrating? Yes.

Thankful? Yes.

Cautious about how I feel? Sadly, because of our history still yes, but trying to enjoy it too.

I have SO MANY SO MANY thoughts, so many posts I've imagined in my head and things I want to say but I'm going to keep this post short because I have a knack for making things complicated and this needs to be simple for now haha.

I'm also thinking of you as it is Christmas and this is a bittersweet time for many.

I love this song Christmas Offering by Casting Crowns, let's see if I know how to embed a video in a post... hmmm...

Talk more soon guys... Have a wonderful Christmas Eve/eve-of-the-eve.


KiwiChristy said...

cYAY!!!!! The world knows!!! Love you HEAPS!!!!!

Jen said...

Congrats! I'm so happy for you after the tough time you've had! I thought something might be up since you've been sort of MIA for a while! What a joyful time and blessed Christmas you will be celebrating this year!

Grace said...

oh my gosh, SARAH!!! congratulations!!! i'm so happy for you! i have a HUGE smile on my face for you! :) what a beautiful christmas miracle!

Sas said...

thank you so much guys. means so much to me.

Amel said...

AWWWWW I'm SO HAPPY for the both of you. A miracle indeed! Hope everything goes smooth until labour!!!!!!!!!!!

Heather said...

congratulations on your miracle!

Teri said...

So very happy for you guys! I continue to pray for you and the little one! Yay!!!

Stephanie said...

WOW Sarah!!!!!!!! What amazing news!!!!!!!! and what a wonderful christmas miracle! I will keep praying for you!!!!!! :)